Property Appraisal & Umpire Services

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two people sitting during day

Independent Insurance Appraisal and Umpire Services

For decades, we have been a trusted partner to insurance companies, providing exceptional appraisal services across all types of claims. We specialize in Appraisal Clause disputes, offering unparalleled expertise and dedication to resolving disputes efficiently.

Understanding the Appraisal Clause

The Appraisal Clause, typically found in homeowner & commercial property insurance policies, serves as a crucial method for resolving disagreements over the financial value of a loss. It provides a fair and binding process for insurers and policyholders to reach a settlement.

Independent Property Appraisal Services

When your insurance company faces an Appraisal Clause dispute related to a property loss claim, rely on our decades of experience. Our skilled appraiser will negotiate with the insured's appraiser to reach a fair resolution that accurately reflects the insurable loss sustained. In cases where an impasse occurs and umpire involvement is necessary to reconcile differences, we will ensure our position is thoroughly documented and effectively communicated to the three member appraisal panel.

Navigating an Appraisal dispute requires seasoned professionals who understand the complexities involved. With a proven track record spanning decades, Pro Claim Service is your trusted partner in achieving equitable resolutions.

From residential homes, small businesses and commercial facilities, our appraisal expertise covers all types of properties. Contact us today to discover why numerous insurance carriers rely on our expert appraisal and umpire services.

Appraisal / Umpire Territory

Our office currently offers Appraisal / Umpire services in Florida, Michigan & Texas.